Why Get a 2nd Opinion?

Shouldn’t I Just Go With The Cheapest Estimate?

The unfortunate truth is many insurance companies will send you to the cheapest repair shop so the insurance company doesn’t have to pay as much for your repair. This often means that the repair done to your car is not up to the manufacturer’s standard and corners were cut.

Get A 2nd Opinion.

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    Understand Your Estimate

    What to Watch out for.

    LKQ stands for “Like Kind and Quality.” These are parts sourced from a junkyard and are usually harvested from a vehicle that has been in an accident or maybe even on fire. Junkyard parts are cheaper than new “OEM” parts because they are used.

    A/M stands for After Market which are imitation parts shipped in from overseas. 

    The problem with A/M parts is that they are often poorly fitting and have never been crash-tested. There is not one automaker that stands behind aftermarket parts usage in the repair of their vehicles. So why should you?

    Not only that, in some cases it can even void your warranty or cause you to pay out of pocket if the vehicle is a lease.

    If you see A/M suspension parts you should run for the hills! Who benefits from putting aftermarket parts on your car?

    Opt OEM stands for Optional OEM. OEM parts are the original parts made by and approved by the people who built your car.

    Optional OEM parts are not the same as OEM parts. They are also a cheaper part and have never been proven to be certified factory parts.

    Does your estimate list time for inspections of seat belts, airbag sensors, suspension components, and measuring of steering columns?

    These are steps that are vital to your safety and are often neglected in high production insurance shops that are only focused on the damages you can see.

    Often sensors and safety components “look” fine but need to be replaced once measured and inspected.

    We want to make you aware that it is quite possible that the estimate you received from your insurance preferred shop could be missing important items.

    Why Cheaper isn't always better.

    Often, cheap quotes are a results of the repair shop doing all or some of the following:

    Our Estimates Include...

    When you get an estimate from us, while it might be higher than others, you can know that it includes:

    Manufacturer's Standards

    We use manufacturer standards to make repair decisions, and follow manufacturer's instructions to the letter.